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High blood pressure medicines such as, accupril, zestril, diovan, avapro, norvasc, tenormin, toprol and cardura.

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Th a usually nsymptoms high blood pssu. Th only way knowing that you hav hyptnsion is thav you blood pssu chckd on a gula basis. High blood pssu, i not tatd, can damag blood vssls in sval ogans such as th hat, th kidnys, th bain and th ys. This may lad that attacks, hat kidny ailu, stoks, blindnss. Th a usually nsymptoms high blood pssu bdamag occus, syou doctnds tmasu you blood pssu ts i it is tohigh.

Changs in nal unction including acut nal ailu can b causd by dugs that inhibit phenegran for sale. th nin-angiotnsin systm. Patints whos nal unction may dpnd in pat on th activity th nin-angiotnsin systm (.g., patints with nal aty stnosis, chonic kidny disas, sv hat ailu, volum dpltion) may b at paticula isk dvloping acut nal ailu dath on Avapo. Monitnal unction piodically in ths patints. Consid withholding discontinuing thapy in patints whdvlop a clinically signiicant dcas in nal unction on Avap[s Dug Intactions (7.3)].

Chst discomot dcasd uin output dilatd nck vins xtm atigu ling wamth v igula bathing igula hatbat nausa pain discomot in th ams, jaw, back, nck dnss th ac, nck, ams, and occasionally, upp chst shotnss bath swating swlling th ac, ings, t, low lgs tightnss in th chst toubld bathing vomiting wight gain.

Contol high blood pssu should b pat comphnsiv cadiovascula isk managmnt, including, as appopiat, lipid contol, diabts managmnt, antithombotic thapy, smoking cssation, xcis, and limitd sodium intak. Many patints will qui mthan 1 dug tachiv blood pssu goals. spciic advic on goals and managmnt, s publishd guidlins, such as thos th National High Blood Pssu ducation Pogam’s Joint National Committ on Pvntion, Dtction, valuation, and Tatmnt High Blood Pssu (JNC).

Coadministation Avapwith oth dugs that ais sum potassium lvls may sult in hypkalmia, somtims sv. Monitsum potassium in such patints.

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